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Date:2006-01-19 17:48

he was lime green
lead smell fresh stale
sweat scab mistake breathing
on shag carpet
lounge glass clink
and people wouldn't
people wouldn't stare
face to
face to
face to
oh my.
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Date:2005-12-08 20:40

(the sky will break us all.)

you never could let go
scorching ethereal blanket.

my clock is ticking
always ticking
breaking down
must go

find air to shred

heaven and earth scrape each other
and i discover why the gods are angry.


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Date:2005-11-08 21:04

You're still all
about your anchors

sand glazed stealing your
toward echoes in the

someone's waiting

someone's waiting

your anchors are heavy
at rest

Now you know why you
can't swallow.

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Date:2005-11-02 18:23

where do you guys like to write?

i used to have a few places where i would always go and write for hours on end, but i seem to have outgrown those places somewhat over the years. i've never really been able to write at home much at all, something about being at home seems boring and you have countless distractions such as cleaning, and of course the internet. part of this also is the fact that i can't type anything on a computer while i'm working on it... it's far too easy to just hit delete and wipe it all out. so i've still got the countless notebooks that i carry around with me... writing outdoors is awesome, but now it's too cold for that and it gets dark way too soon

my all time favourite place to write is alone in hotel rooms. yes it's obviously expensive, but nothing beats packing up and driving to some random town for no good reason at all

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Date:2005-10-03 00:24
Subject:digital snap

Technology and progress are encroaching, but as you can see, there's still room for beauty.


...Let this picture be an inspiration for something, anything...

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Date:2005-10-01 03:57

okay, a couple questions for you guys that i've been thinking about

how exclusive do we want this to be? should somebody be crossposting this to stc_mn, mspgoth, etc, or are we planning on making this a sort of friends-of-friends networking thing? i could compare this to a person wanting to start a band saying "should i just get a bunch of my friends together or should i actively seek out people i would otherwise not know?"

also, i should probably note that i don't exactly have the best reputation with some of the people in the minneapolis scene. to anyone who would be discouraged from joining for that reason, please don't be. on an artistic level i'm a completely different person than the troll/flamer some of you might know me as. probably not an issue, but i just wanted to get that out of the way... this definitely isn't the place for antics/grudges/drama etc.

my friend jer and his brother chris (neither of which are online) are quite enthusiastic about this idea as well, i ran it past them tonight and they both thought it was a great idea, so i'm happy about that. other than that, let's post any comments/suggestions/questions in this thread, there's much to discuss as far as the general direction of this community

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Date:2005-09-28 21:34
Subject:Point, the first, and a set up

Okay, we're all creative people. Or, at least, that's what this community is about and hopefully why you're here. However, what some of us have come to find is that left to our own devices, we're real slackers about actually doing something with our talents or even sharing with others.

This is a virtual place to poke and prod each other into the creative mode, put ourselves into the creative mindset, and give each other honest opinions and feedback: what works and what doesn't, why and wherefore, etc. Be as tactful as you can while at the same time being blunt. No-ones work is crap, 'k? 'K.

If you're not comfortable leaving your post open, friends only is just fine, as long as we can see/read/click on a link to hear. However, don't ever disallow comments. That's not the point of this, and it will just make me crabby.

And at some juncture in the (hopefully) near future, the goal is to actually get together on a regular basis in Real Space and possibly collaborate, for those who are able.

I'm not sure if "assignments" are the way to go at this point. I just want to see what you all have, what any of us have, and I'd like to see it keep going with us challenging each other to become better, more confident.

We are passionate people. We are passionate about what we do to unleash the demons in our minds. Let's make that show.

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