cryostasis (laserbitch) wrote in uncommon_common,

Point, the first, and a set up

Okay, we're all creative people. Or, at least, that's what this community is about and hopefully why you're here. However, what some of us have come to find is that left to our own devices, we're real slackers about actually doing something with our talents or even sharing with others.

This is a virtual place to poke and prod each other into the creative mode, put ourselves into the creative mindset, and give each other honest opinions and feedback: what works and what doesn't, why and wherefore, etc. Be as tactful as you can while at the same time being blunt. No-ones work is crap, 'k? 'K.

If you're not comfortable leaving your post open, friends only is just fine, as long as we can see/read/click on a link to hear. However, don't ever disallow comments. That's not the point of this, and it will just make me crabby.

And at some juncture in the (hopefully) near future, the goal is to actually get together on a regular basis in Real Space and possibly collaborate, for those who are able.

I'm not sure if "assignments" are the way to go at this point. I just want to see what you all have, what any of us have, and I'd like to see it keep going with us challenging each other to become better, more confident.

We are passionate people. We are passionate about what we do to unleash the demons in our minds. Let's make that show.
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